Latimer House - Equity


Latimer House

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Latimer House - Equity

A pounding drum beat sets the scene for a rhythmic vocal chant to appear before some English pop-punk guitar stabs kick-in and the song opens up. Melodic keyboards and vocal harmonies lift the choruses to a glorious cacophony of hooks, and an epic-sounding cello sweeps in to take the song out, capping three minutes and 39 seconds of pop swagger.


Candidly sardonic tune-givers Latimer House return this month with brilliant new single Equity, a taster cut from the upcoming album ‘Hey! that bounces into action on October 28. On a day when we mark the anniversary of John Peel’s passing, this is the sort of approachable but equally wry indie-pop fun that John was always quite fond of playing. Somewhere he’s offering a cheery grin along to this tune.


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  1. Equity